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Retirement Kitas is a temporary residence permit that is issued to applicants older than 55 years for 1 year with the possibility of extend up to 5 years. After 5 years you will be entitled to apply for a KITAP – a permanent stay permit.

*Can be applied if one of the spouses is under 55 y.o. and marriage certificate is provided. In some cases can be issued to children under 18 as well.

Bali PAS is associated with Authorized Travel Agency Kuta Cemerlang Bali Jaya (KCBJ). Please visit their website KCBJ is operated since 1983, as one of a few travel agency granted permission to sponsor a retirement visa. KCBJ is located at the same address with Bali PAS.  

Holders of this visa are not allowed to work, earn money inside Indonesia or involved by employment contract with any party, respect and obey the Indonesian and International laws, regulations and or public ethics. Any violations of the Indonesian laws, regulations, public ethic or any criminal case resulting from their misconduct and all kinds of taxes resulting from their existence in Indonesia will be their own responsibility. KCBJ only provides the sponsorship but KCBJ does not responsible for any of the matters mentioned above.

Once you have obtained your Retirement Visa, there are a multitude of benefits, which include:

  • Entering and exiting the country freely
  • The ability to lease land
  • Allowed to open a bank account
  • Possibility to obtain driving license
  • Discount for a medical assistance
  • Chance for permanent stay in 5 years


Retirement visa is “Visa Tinggal Terbatas untuk Wisatawan Lansia Mancanegara” Indeks Visa C319. Lansia stands for lanjut usia (geriatic age)

The process of Retirement KITAS approval it will be takes about 10 -14 business days.



Fee of Retirement Visa + re-entry permit

IDR 15.000.000 ~ 1120 USD


Fee extension of Retirement Visa

IDR 8.500.000 ~ 650 USD

The retirement visas requirements are

If you wish to spend of your retirement life in Bali, Indonesia without any issues.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

To process the initial visa, will I have to visit an Indonesian Embassy? If so where?

Up until October 2020, it was mandatory for all visas to be collected from an Indonesian Embassy overseas, however, now the Indonesian’s Immigration Authorities is NOW ISSUED Electronic Visas (E-Visas).

 Can You Work in Indonesia With a Retirement Visa?

No, you are definitely not allowed to work in any case with an Indonesian Retirement Visa.

 The only international residents in Indonesia who are allowed to work are those who have a work permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower, i.e. an Indonesian Work Visa.

Can Indonesia Retirement Visa apply for Couples or Families ?

A married couple, they can both apply for a Retirement Visa but the applications will be processed separately, so it may not always be possible that both of them meet the conditions to receive the visa. If one of the partners is not yet 55 or fails to meet another requirement, he or she can apply for a dependent/family visa KITAS instead.

What Is the Duration of a Retirement Visa for Indonesia?

A Retirement Visa for Indonesia (Retirement KITAS) is issued for a period of one year, and it can be renewed annually for up to five years.

After five years of temporary residence (KITAS), you become eligible for a permanent residence permit, known as KITAP.

I am above 70 years old and it is hard to get a health insurance. Will this be a problem for a Retirement Visa Indonesia application?

Every case may be dealt with differently. Visa specialists Indonesia Visa should be able to help, so we will find a way for every problem our clients have.

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