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Working Visa

A Working Visa is required for a foreigner who wants to work in Indonesia. This visa is also called Working KITAS, valid for 1 year and it is extendable every one year based on Immigration and the Indonesian authority approval. The sponsor must be a company based in Indonesia where the foreigner going to work.

Cost: IDR 20.000.000 + USD 1.200 (Tax)

Company documents required for the sponsorship:

  1. Color copy of Company Act / Akta Pendirian
  2. Color copy of Company Locality Letter / TDP
  3. Color copy of Company Tax Number / NPWP
  4. Color copy of Company Business License / SIUP / SITU
  5. Color copy of Company Domicile / SKTU
  6. Color copy Decision Ministry of Justice / Surat Keputusan Menteri Kehakiman
  7. Color copy Organization Structure
  8. Copy of Employee Contract
  9. Color copy of Director’s ID card
  10. Minimum company capital 1 billion to employed 1 foreign
  11. Original 15 pages of Company Letter Heads. Signed by the company director, and sealed with the company stamp.
  12. 10 copy ID Card / KTP of employee in the company
  13. Company Bank Statement of the last 3 months
  14. Certificate of BPJS
  15. OSS Certificate / License

Documents required from the applicant:

  1. Color copy passport with all stamped pages, valid minimal 24 months.
  2. Scanning of the passport (all pages included the passport Cover)
  3. Red background Photographs. Sized 4x6cm = 1pc
  4. Curriculum Vitae.
  5. The last Diploma/School Certificate.
  6. Bank statement with minimum balance 2.000 USD.
  7. Address in Indonesia

When the family members are involved and require a visa:

  1. Copy of the spouse’s and children’s passport.
  2. Copy of the marriage certificate.
  3. Copy of the children’s birth certificates.
  4. Copy of the family register.
  5. Red background Photographs. Sized 4x6cm = 4 pcs, 3x4cm = 4pcs.


  1. Please prepare all the above required documents. Send them to Bali PAS as per address below or as these are copies may be forwarded by email to :
  2. Bali PAS shall arrange the approval from Ministry of Labor of Indonesia and the approval from Immigration Head Office Jakarta. This process takes at least 8 weeks.
  3. After the Visa Approval / are complete. Bali PAS shall send Electronic-VISA to applicant. Electronic-VISA will valid for 90 days for the visa holder to enter Indonesia and upon arrival the visa will be valid for 60 days.
  4. When the applicant is arrived in Indonesia, please contact Bali PAS immediately to do the rest of the arrangement. The next step is to apply the KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card). The application must be submitted to the Indonesian Authority and local Immigration Office within 7 days after arrival in Indonesia. This process takes about 4 weeks. During this process, Bali PAS will contact the applicant to come to the immigration office for
    photographs and fingerprints session. Please note, a delay of this application will be subject to penalty.
  5. The KITAS is valid for 1 year from arrival date in Indonesia. To extend the KITAS, please contact Bali PAS at least 2 month before the expiry date. The KITAS can be extended while the holder is in Indonesia. A KITAS is extendable until 5 times, than the holder can apply a 5 years KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit).
  6. A Re-Entry Permit already included in the KITAS, this is required when the KITAS holder is going to leave Indonesia and wish to use the same visa on the way back to enter Indonesia.
  7. An Exit Permit Only (EPO) is required for the KITAS holder who wishes to stop using the visa. Please contact Bali PAS at least one week before the expiry date of the KITAS or 1 week before exit from Indonesia (Ticket required).




  • Procedure of extension should start not later than 2 months before expiration date
  • Documents required are same as for the first issuance
  • If you received 6 months KITAS you are required to leave the country within this 6 months period. In case if you have leave a bit later you have got a permission from Immigration office and pay the overstay. You will be required to provide your return ticket.
  • If you received a 1 year KITAS you are required to apply for closing this KITAS before you leave the country.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can be the position of the foreigner in a KITAS, and does it affect its validity?

Directors and Commissioners are guaranteed to get a 12-month extendable KITAS, but for a Manager/Advisor position, the validity is a discretionary decision of the immigration.


Other temporary jobs can get a non-extendable working KITAS for 1-6 months. Possible positions also depend on the company’s business classification.

I have a work and stay permit from one company Indonesia. Can I work also for another company?

No, you need a separate work permit for each company you work for in Indonesia, and there are limitations for combining different positions in different companies.

Can I Bring My Family Members Along With an Indonesian Work Visa?

Yes, you and your dependent family members can all apply for Indonesian visas and you will receive your KITAS together. Your employer has to apply for their Indonesian visas at the same time he/she applies for yours at the Immigration Department in Indonesia.


However, your spouse cannot work if they come as your dependent. In order to be allowed to work, they have to find a sponsor (employer) and obtain their own work permit.


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